secondry level
IX & X Classes
  • English Course ‘A’( Communication English )& English language & Literary
  • Second Language – Hindi
  • Third Language - Sanskrit
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science with Practicals
    1. Physics - Theory & Practicals
    2. Chemistry - Theory & Practicals
    3. Biology - Theory & Practicals
  • Social Science - History, Civics, Economics & Geography
  • Physical Education
  • Value Education
  • Work Experience
  • Art Education

Teaching and Tutoring
Teaching Faculty

All members of the Teaching Faculty are highly qualified in their respective field and they are trained to be effective, result oriented and resourceful in their area of academic interaction. The teaching faculty are specially trained and experienced for handling residential school children. These teachers are exclusively meant for teaching and coaching and they are not assigned any other type of work in the School. All the teachers work under the direct Supervision the study officers and Supervisory Head.

Pattern and Style
The Style of Education

The School aims to provide modern all-round education with special emphasis on moral and ethical instruction as well as physical education, nurturing character building, tolerance and co-operation, striving for excellence in every field or endeavor will been couraged. Maximum opportunities will be provided in the campus to encourage initiative, self-reliance and leadership qualities. Special efforts will be made to identify any special ability and talent that the child may have. The Medium of instruction is English. English is the first language.