parents interaction

As a teacher, we already recognize the value of parental involvement. To do this successfully, we first let our students' parents know how you would like to interact with us.

It is important not to make the assumption that parents don't want to be "bothered" with an issue that concerns you. When something comes up, whether it is a behavioral issue or an academic concern, we are proactive about contacting the parent right away. In fact, we make this even easier by taking the time to gather all of our students' contact information at the very beginning of the school year.

Parents not only hear from their child's teacher when there is a problem, we develop quite a positive reputation as a caring and compassionate professional just by taking the time to contact students' parents to share positive tidbits about their school performance and adjustment. For example, when a student in class blows us away with an impressive insight, we call home to share the story.